Start ‘Living’: The concept that’s changing the face of the construction industry


In a world that’s so acclimatised to and comfortable with technology, it shouldn’t be a shock to us just how rapidly things can change. Our instinctive need for ease and comfort has caused us to make revolutionary leaps and bounds in the technology that improves every aspect of our lives.


More and more consumers expect a certain standard of living, and demand for any piece of tech that will make life a little bit easier and more enjoyable is increasing, with such products becoming ‘essentials’ to our daily routine. This means that construction companies who are responsible for building new properties must ensure their properties are fully equipped with infrastructure that will not only integrate the technologies we can’t live without, but also adapt as newer and more innovative products come along.


Being ahead of the curve is never easy, but in today’s climate, it’s essential. Construction companies must align themselves with network infrastructure specialists who are equipped to design future-proof networks that can cater to today’s standards; leading many to redefine what ‘Living’ really means.


Smart homes

The idea of the Smart Home is not a new one. Thanks to the conception of the Internet of Things in the mid-2010s, today’s Smart Home is one that works in harmony with technology. In the Smart Home, technology is integrated into every piece of equipment one might need, from lighting to home entertainment.


While this is nothing new, the challenge is now ensuring that the home’s infrastructure can support such a high level of internet usage, while also performing at a consistent level for all the surrounding homes in every neighbourhood. With such a dependence on technology, slow internet speeds or even outages are unacceptable. Therefore each home will need robust cabling that can deliver fast and reliable speeds to a high number of properties all at once. Not only this, but the infrastructure should either be able to easily handle new additions as needed or be easily replaced as faster, more reliable technology enters the marketplace.


Work-life balance

Smart Homes, Smart Offices and even Smart Cities have been talked about and speculated upon in the industry for years, but the reality is that we are now seeing the changes that will facilitate these things in the world around us, such as 5G-ready tech and multi-gigabyte wireless broadband services. What these technologies will serve to do is make the online world far more mobile. Construction companies tasked with creating new office spaces have to be more and more aware of the exact functions of each new build. This doesn’t just affect commercial properties, but residential areas as well, as flexible working means that the home must function as a workspace too, and must be just as accessible.


This accessibility can have negative implications. Already, studies have shown that this flexible working is leading us to be a more productive society, but conversely is making the lines between work and recreation, office and home ever more blurred.



Another challenge of such flexibility in internet usage is security. Modern offices are required to have robust and secure firewalls in place to stave off hackers and other cyber-related threats. If more and more people are opting to work from home, web security at home must be equally as stringent. Likewise, public broadband services and 5G in Smart Cities must be as incorruptible.


The solution

‘Living’ is a big buzzword in the construction industry at the moment; meaning that professionals are able to analyse and define what the average citizen needs from their buildings. The answer here is a flexible, robust and secure network infrastructure that is adaptable enough that it can move change and evolve to handle whatever future tech might come along to make ‘Living’ that little bit easier.


At Nexsis Comms Ltd we can work with companies to design a bespoke network infrastructure tailored to their needs and the needs of their customers. Take a look at our products and services, or feel free to contact one of the team to find out more.

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