The Ilkeston Apprentice - How apprenticeships have helped grow Nexsis Comms Ltd

As followers of our blog and social media channels will know, this year Nexsis Comms Ltd is celebrating its 10th birthday. We’re celebrating in a variety of ways throughout the year, but since it’s National Apprentice Week we wanted to mark the occasion by detailing how apprenticeships have helped us over the years.


Nexsis Comms Ltd has been taking on apprentices since 2011, and in that time have welcomed five fantastic apprentices through our doors and into the workforce. We are able to offer apprenticeships through the help of local companies like the East Midlands Chamber, D2N2 and also local colleges. Apprentice schemes offer mutual benefits; enabling us to teach professional skills to a new generation of workers.


Katie’s story

Our biggest apprentice success story is that of Katie, a young professional who began at Nexsis Comms Ltd 5 years ago as an apprentice. Shortly after gaining her qualifications, Katie became a full-time employee thanks to her enthusiasm for the job and ability to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment.


Katie explains, “I was studying Business Admin and took an apprenticeship at Nexsis to gain a qualification, with the hope that it would turn into a permanent place within the company after my studies. I enjoy my job and the people around me that I work with every day so I definitely see myself here for the foreseeable future.” Joining the workforce while studying is an experience that has helped many young people attain long term employment, introducing them into working environments that might be difficult to get into in other ways, especially without years of experience and qualifications.


There is immense value to learning on the job, which is what can be gained when apprentices are welcomed into the workplace. As Katie puts it, “I am constantly learning new things. I have learned that every day is different; you will be faced with new challenges and tough deadlines, but you are never alone. Working with a team that you can rely on is a great feeling and I’m happy to be a part of it.”


More apprenticeships

Apprenticeships give people the chance to get on a secure career ladder, which is especially important in our current tumultuous economic climate. More than this, however, the personal benefits that can be gained from having people around you who are eager for you to succeed is also an invaluable aspect of apprenticeships. Katie said, “I think one of my proudest moments here at Nexsis was when I gained my Level 3 and became part of the team. I have learnt to become more confident in myself and the work I do.”

This week we’re also welcoming Jack, our newest engineer, who has been gaining practical experience while shadowing our MD, Leon. This level of one-on-one training is rare and is a benefit that an apprenticeship with Nexsis Comms Ltd can offer. Leon has said, “It’s incredibly important to learn future-proof skills that will continue to hold value, just as the skills that Jack is currently learning are.”


How you can get involved

Nexsis Comms Ltd is currently looking to train and give qualifications to those who might not have experience in this industry but make up for that in enthusiasm and work ethic. Take a look at the jobs we have on offer and don’t forget to share this story with anyone looking to take steps in a new industry.

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