Awards Season Comes to Nexsis Comms Ltd

Over the past few months, we’ve been laying the groundwork for improving Nexsis Comms Ltd’s standing amongst its customers and clients even further. One of the ways we’ve done this is by adding new members to the team in order to help encourage growth. The creation of a fully functioning marketing department means we can focus on an aspect of the business that will help us gain more prestige and recognition in the industry: awards.


Briggs & Forrester

Awards have been heavily on our minds throughout 2019, but never more so than mid-March, when we were visited by some judges from the Nottingham Post Awards (more info below). Their visit was proceeded by a most unexpected and much-welcome surprise the next day when directors Martyn and Leon attended the Briggs & Forrester Supply Chain Event 2019 to discover that Nexsis Comms Ltd had been awarded the Best Health & Safety Record Award of the Year. The work we’ve conducted with Briggs & Forrester over the past three years has helped us build a strong relationship with the company.


This award is a testament to all the hard work the team put in for health and safety. From being named onsite Health & Safety ambassadors, to giving talks to other teams, to receiving workshops on Working from Heights and other specific aspects of health and safety in the workplace, our team are constantly striving to exceed expectations and deliver a health and safety standard that sets the pace for the entire industry. Being recognised as such with this award just proves that all our team’s hard work is paying off.


We’re hoping that this award will be the first of a number of awards we might look forward to receiving over the coming months; we have applied for a handful of those closest to our hearts. Included among them are the Nottingham Post Awards.


The Nottingham Post Awards

Here at Nexsis Comms Ltd HQ we occasionally find ourselves welcoming interesting characters through the doors, from clients to suppliers to the occasional family member. But rarely do we play host to such prestigious and anticipated guests as those who came to visit last week. Who are these honoured visitors? No less than the judges of the Nottingham Post Business Awards.


Upon meeting with judges Mark Rutherford and Victoria Elliott Nexsis Comms Ltd were told that we have in fact landed ourselves in the final five of the two categories we applied for earlier this year. Naturally, we were overjoyed to have been shortlisted, and we’re eager to hear what Mark and Victoria have to say.


Nexsis’ impact on the community

First on the list of topics to discuss with Mark and Victoria was how our geographical surroundings impact the culture of our business. With our 10th anniversary year in full swing, and with an extra emphasis on apprenticeships and how they benefit a community, we’ve been thinking a lot about the mark we make on the Ilkeston community. The apprenticeships we offer give the chance for young people to join a company who is willing to train and offer qualifications to someone just starting out on their career ladder.


Nexsis’ environmental impact

Next, we discussed the environmental impact of our business and what we do in order to lower CO₂ emissions. Again, this is something we’re exploring as a business, especially within the Briggs and Forrester ‘Living’ industry. This is a concept we’ve explored in past articles but essentially looks to equip new builds with the future-proof network infrastructure to support the tech required by today’s modern homeowner. This, of course, includes more environmentally friendly options. Again these are explored in greater detail in one of our latest articles, How better network infrastructure can make your life more environmentally-friendly.


How is Nexsis different?

The third and final thing that we discussed with Mark and Victoria from The Nottingham Post Business awards, was what set us aside from our competitors. As we’re applying for small business awards, it’s incredibly important for us to show our value when compared to larger companies in our industries. Yet we believe it is just that that indeed sets us aside; our smaller size means that we are in a much better position to build closer professional relationships with our clients and offer them a dedicated amount of service from start to finish, from design to installation to support and maintenance.


A bright future

We’re incredibly grateful to our clients who are constantly cheering us on and encouraging our team members to strive for improvement. We’re looking forward to applying for more awards in the near future, and hopefully, position Nexsis Comms Ltd as renowned experts in our industry.

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