Nexsis Comms Ltd has a proud history of taking on young people in our community in apprenticeship and internship roles, giving them the training and qualifications needed to be successful in our industry. Once fully trained at our own expense, we are also proud to say we offer these skilled individuals full-time positions whenever possible. As expressed in our previous article which was all about apprenticeships for National Apprentice Week 2019, we have a very high success rate with taking on young people who have few qualifications and no experience, but who have a drive and enthusiasm for joining the world of work and hitting the ground running.


It is thanks to this that we know what it takes to educate the next generation of tech professionals who are looking to gain future-proof construction industry experience and skills. Having spent time with colleges and academic institutions, it’s unfortunately clear to see that courses and qualifications currently offered don’t appear to be fit for the future.



A move from the traditional

It’s important that our education providers and institutions act now to ride the digital wave that increasingly impacts all our lives. Many institutions still only offer more traditional courses in construction, such as bricklaying. The time is now for these providers to get ahead of the curve and demonstrate forward-thinking by investing in more tech relevant courses and qualifications that encourage young people to focus and develop the skills needed for creating future proof building infrastructures.



Changing times

Looking back over the past decade, the defining characteristic of the 2010s would be a warp-speed drive towards a more technologically reliant day-to-day way of living. To construct a modern building today without a secure and reliable high-speed network infrastructure, or the structured cabling and infrastructure needed to support the constant use of networks would be a grave mistake. With the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming essential for the efficiency and quality of life consumers and workers now expect, every building must work in tandem with technology as much as the workforce and residents who will dwell within. It’s this that makes the need for more highly skilled structured cabling & network infrastructure engineers to be welcomed into the workforce.



A subject which goes all the way to the top

The responsibility, of course, to see that courses for students looking to move into the modern construction industry lies mainly at the feet of government officials. Both educators and politicians must now be pushing to modernise their ways of teaching and offer the courses that are relevant in today’s data-driven and connected world.



The future of construction

It’s clear the future of construction will be to incorporate a secure and robust network infrastructure that stands the test of time well into the future. To do this the construction industry needs highly skilled and qualified contractors at all levels who can design, build and install modern network infrastructures, and offer maintenance and support as standard. That’s what we at Nexsis do, and that’s why we train our engineers up to the highest possible standard, so they can help us offer the highest standard of work to our customers.


Come on educators, catch up and do justice to the young talent wanting to enter our industry!


Looking to get into the world of construction and network infrastructure, but not sure which academic centre will offer you what you need? Get in touch with Nexsis Comms Ltd, or take a look at the jobs we can offer. We’ve helped a whole host of people into this industry from the start of their career.

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