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31 May

WiFi 6 – The New Standard is Coming

Preparing for Wi-Fi 6 Cabling Considerations for High-Efficiency Wireless Access Point Connections A new wave of Wi-Fi is here. The IEEE 802.11ax Enhancements for High-Efficiency Wireless (HEW). LAN standard1 has far-reaching implications with respect to cabling infrastructure design. Users can expect their current wireless speeds to appreciably increase by switching to Wi-Fi 6. Now more […]

16 May

How Nexsis can solve a major cause of stress in the UK

A major cause of stress   In today’s connected world, our reliance on technology means that our ability to function to the degree we want to – especially in our work lives – is severely affected by whether we’re able to get online. This causes hours of lost productivity and enjoyment, both in the home […]