How Nexsis can solve a major cause of stress in the UK

A major cause of stress


In today’s connected world, our reliance on technology means that our ability to function to the degree we want to – especially in our work lives – is severely affected by whether we’re able to get online. This causes hours of lost productivity and enjoyment, both in the home and at work. Stress is now the number one cause of absences in the workplace, and studies have shown that poor connectivity is, unfortunately, a major contributor to this.


This Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to look at how we could help solve one of the major causes of stress.


Our reliance on technology


Thanks to the Internet of Things most, if not all, of our devices in the home are connected to WiFi, and dependant on a strong signal. Most of the things we do to relax during our evenings and weekends, whether that be online gaming, watching telly or listening to music, is compromised should we come up against bad or patchy WiFi signals. What’s more, it’s during these times of need that, unless robust and reliable infrastructure is in place, we’re most likely to see a weaker Wifi connection.


Not only this, but the idea of working online is now completely essential for workspaces, and a lack of internet connection could mean the difference between earning a day’s wage or making a loss. In these instances, internet outages mean that not only could your business be negatively affected, but your health could be too.


One of the biggest contributors to poor mental health in the workplace is malfunctioning or slow equipment. This is easy to believe; who hasn’t groaned, grumbled or even given the odd bash to a computer that’s running far slower than you want it to? We all know how maddening it can be to not be able to get a job done because of a bad signal.


A stress-free solution


Luckily, this situation – and the stress that inevitably comes with it – is completely avoidable. Nexsis Comms have, for years, been kitting buildings out with secure, robust and fast network infrastructure for both homes and businesses. Everyone knows that internet speeds are likely to plummet depending upon the number of people logged on at one time, and yet few companies are looking at ways to combat this.


Nexsis Comms are constantly future-proofing their equipment, knowledge and the services we can offer. Therefore, we’re able to be ahead of the game when it comes to stress-free wireless and wide area network installation and maintenance.


What’s more, we can tailor our network infrastructure to your individual company. Today more than ever we’re realising the importance of our mental health. Cutting out those things which will negatively affect your mental wellbeing just makes sense. If you’d like to find out more about how Nexsis Comms can help you reduce stress and increase productivity, get in touch with the team.

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