23 Jul

Wi-Fi 6 Plays Key Role In Smart Homes

Guest written by Sarah Markham, WBA 2019   Building and retrofitting homes today is vastly different than any other time in history, as homeowners increasingly want their homes to be smart. What “smart” looks like varies across demographics and geographies, ranging from a home equipped with a number of devices that automate tasks normally handled by humans […]

23 Jul

Wi-Fi 6 Plays Key Role In Enterprises

Guest written by Sarah Markham, WBA 2019   For the past 20 years, Wi-Fi has created countless benefits for enterprises around the world. A report commissioned by Wi-Fi Alliance® estimates the annual global economic value of Wi-Fi at $1.96 trillion in 2018 and projecting that number to surpass $3.47 trillion by 2023. Not only do enterprises depend […]

31 May

WiFi 6 – The New Standard is Coming

Preparing for Wi-Fi 6 Cabling Considerations for High-Efficiency Wireless Access Point Connections A new wave of Wi-Fi is here. The IEEE 802.11ax Enhancements for High-Efficiency Wireless (HEW). LAN standard1 has far-reaching implications with respect to cabling infrastructure design. Users can expect their current wireless speeds to appreciably increase by switching to Wi-Fi 6. Now more […]

16 May

How Nexsis can solve a major cause of stress in the UK

A major cause of stress   In today’s connected world, our reliance on technology means that our ability to function to the degree we want to – especially in our work lives – is severely affected by whether we’re able to get online. This causes hours of lost productivity and enjoyment, both in the home […]

17 Apr

Are educators offering the right courses to ensure the future of tech in construction?

Nexsis Comms Ltd has a proud history of taking on young people in our community in apprenticeship and internship roles, giving them the training and qualifications needed to be successful in our industry. Once fully trained at our own expense, we are also proud to say we offer these skilled individuals full-time positions whenever possible. […]

27 Mar

Awards Season Comes to Nexsis Comms Ltd

Over the past few months, we’ve been laying the groundwork for improving Nexsis Comms Ltd’s standing amongst its customers and clients even further. One of the ways we’ve done this is by adding new members to the team in order to help encourage growth. The creation of a fully functioning marketing department means we can […]

13 Mar

How to Choose the Best Copper Cabling Infrastructure for your Project

When it comes to your ideal structured cabling solution there are a few choices on the market for which type of copper cabling to use for your building’s infrastructure. The choice between them isn’t easy, as there are significant pros and cons for each. Often, the budget is the biggest factor at play when deciding […]

7 Mar

The Ilkeston Apprentice – How apprenticeships have helped grow Nexsis Comms Ltd

As followers of our blog and social media channels will know, this year Nexsis Comms Ltd is celebrating its 10th birthday. We’re celebrating in a variety of ways throughout the year, but since it’s National Apprentice Week we wanted to mark the occasion by detailing how apprenticeships have helped us over the years.   Nexsis […]

18 Feb

How better network infrastructure can make your life more environmentally-friendly

  The environment is a hot topic right now. With ever-growing concern about its future, businesses and consumers alike are striving to find more and more ways to make reduce their carbon footprints and ensure they’re doing what they can to be more environmentally-friendly.   Research suggests that commercial buildings are responsible for a large […]

5 Feb

Start ‘Living’: The concept that’s changing the face of the construction industry

  In a world that’s so acclimatised to and comfortable with technology, it shouldn’t be a shock to us just how rapidly things can change. Our instinctive need for ease and comfort has caused us to make revolutionary leaps and bounds in the technology that improves every aspect of our lives.   More and more […]

2 Jan

Local business Nexsis Comms celebrates 10th birthday this year

Based in the heart of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, Nexsis Comms is celebrating its 10th birthday this year.   Nexsis Comms, which provides network infrastructure and structured cabling installation to companies throughout the country, was developed in 2009 by local entrepreneurs Leon Braisby and Sean Newbold. The pair met at school and went on to advance as […]

12 Dec

Predictions for 2019

As the 2019 dawns, it’s always good to say goodbye to the year behind us and look ahead to the new year by exploring the trends that will amuse us, bemuse us and generally run our lives for the next year.   Obviously, since we’re network infrastructure specialists and general tech whizzes, we’re interested in […]

28 Nov

SD-WAN: discover more about the biggest networking trend

As many in the know agree, SD-WAN will prove to be one of the biggest and most important networking trends for the next few years, but many in the industry are still in the dark about this revolutionary new technology. So, for the uninitiated, what exactly is SD-WAN?     What is SD-WAN? SD-WAN is […]

21 Nov

How is the ‘smart office’ revolutionising the way we work?

Over the past few years, the ‘smart office’ has been heralded as the new goal for workspaces in both look and functionality. The smart office is one which uses technology to optimise the productivity of a workplace, and, as more and more businesses adopt this way of working, the benefits are becoming clear.     […]

14 Nov

What is 5G: The future of connectivity at a glance

For a few years now, those in the industry have become used to hearing the phrase ‘5G’ when talking about the future of mobile networks. To the consumer and many businesses, however, 5G is a new phenomenon.   What is 5G? Everyone will be aware of the colossal differences between 3G and 4G. If 4G […]