Multi-Tenant Landlord Solutions

As a building manager, landlord, agent or developer, we understand the challenges you are likely to encounter regarding internet connectivity. Wayleave issues which can lead to a significant delay in getting internet access arranged each time a tenant orders internet connectivity.

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Business Tenant Landlords


Multi-tenant landlords who deal with business tenants know that they need super-fast internet connectivity, but often the processes to get robust, business-grade internet connectivity and modern network infrastructure installed for tenants can be cumbersome. This can mean that churn could be high, meaning you may be left with empty units, all because of poor connectivity. Moreover, you could also find that your Telecommunications Operators demand restrictive rights once on the premises.


Secure, fast and up-to-the-minute cabling solutions from Nexsis Comms could completely your business.

Multi-Tenant Network Infrastructure Solutions


You can trust Nexsis to provide your properties with secure, reliable, flexible, scalable always-on connectivity to help support and future-proof your business requirements. A designed network infrastructure tailored to you can help you attract new tenants and retain existing tenants by differentiating your properties with ultra-fast internet connectivity. As well as this, we can help you provide tenants with value-added services to increase revenue from tenants, such as hosted telecoms solutions.