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“Performance & Security by Design” – Network Infrastructure Design from Nexsis

Nexsis Design & Consultancy

Without the right design and protection, your network may not run at optimal performance and allow some users to access certain files you do not want them to have access to, or introduce items that could cause harm to your network. Managing your own network infrastructure project can also be daunting and time consuming, especially with the ever increasing complexity of technology and the great demands placed on your network.

Nexsis Technical Design & Support Solutions provides: Increased performance, protection, account security, file protection, virus protection and remediation. We are experts in this field so can help you design and implement a network that suits your needs and requirements. What’s more, you choose the level of consultancy required, whether it’s a helping hand for certain elements, or a full handover to Nexsis to manage your full project.

Our proven expertise in strategic design and implementation planning includes the following:
  • Data Centre infrastructure networking
  • SME network infrastructure
  • Next generation network security
  • AI based Server & Desktop security
  • Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)
  • Internet & MPLS WAN infrastructure
  • Remote access, mobile and secured VPN integrated solutions
  • Secured Wireless (indoor/outdoor)
  • Telephony & Unified Communications
  • Security compliance and risk assessment

Our customers recognise us for:

  • Maintaining budget and schedules
  • Minimum disruption
  • Delivering the best performance from your network infrastructure through our one-stop provision and 'can do' philosophy
  • Future proofing installations
  • Comprehensive support and preventative maintenance solutions
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