Wireless & WAN

More and more, technology is shaping the norms of what we expect from the construction industry. With our dependence upon the Internet of Things and smart tech, it’s vital that buildings be equipped with fast, secure and future-proof wireless networks.

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Wi-Fi Installation Without the Hassle


Everyone knows the frustrations of poorly performing Wifi. There can be multiple reasons for this, from poor initial design, interference, placement or coverage or even insufficient capacity. Nexsis can review your current systems to understand and identify the issues and then comprehensively redesign a network that suits your needs and requirements.


Wireless networks provide a multitude of benefits to customers including:

WiFi Infrastructure Design and Maintenance


Our expert engineers will install your network, ensuring minimum disruption. After installation, a final site survey is carried out to ensure the agreed capacity and coverage performance is achieved, and if required, Nexsis can also provide comprehensive support on your solution. We work with leading vendors to ensure the equipment is the best available in the market. Coupled with Nexsis expertise and our top-notch customer service, you can be sure that we will design and install a future-proof network that fits your needs.

Future-Proof Network Infrastructure


In the home, smart meters can be installed so that the occupant can see how much energy they’re using, making it far easier to control. This is not only good for the pocket, it’s good for the environment too, as they can ensure they’re not using more than they need.


As well as this, though there are many on the market, some believe that connected home assistants should automatically be installed into homes. These devices allow the tenant to control all aspects of their home from one hub, so anything from their lights to their oven can be voice-activated or placed on timers so they switch off by themselves. All of this means that your home only uses energy when you need it, and not a drop is wasted.